Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Victoria, Canada

Our final stop and my favorite stop! Canada is a very tidy place... well, at least Vancouver and Victoria (the only 2 canadian cities I've visited so far). Canada makes the U.S. look like a sloppy neighbor. As always, we stayed close to downtown which was lovely. We found this harbor where they had an ice cream stand and cute house boats with so much character. Even one of the house boat cats was there to welcome us! We then ended up at the BC parliament building which is not only neat to look at during the day but at night they light up the whole building "It's a Small World" style. Across the street is the famous Empress hotel. You could hardly tell what the building looked like at some parts because of the dominating vine. The rest of downtown was just as charming and we ended the night at Swans, a darling bar with live music and yummy gin and tonics. The cruise was great and I recommend it to anyone who likes to cruise and has never been to Alaska. Hope you all enjoyed the posts. See you soon! 

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